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David Thiermann, Santa Cruz University™
David Thiermann

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  WHEN DAVID THIERMANN says "Get a job," people perk up and pay him by the hour.
  The professional career consultant helps clients dissatisfied with their careers see through their personal and professional inhibitions - and teaches them to follow their dreams.
  "There are many people out there who need to clarify and diversify their career goals," says Thiermann. "They need a glimpse of their true potential."
   Thiermann himself has pursued a variety of careers, including a stint in Africa teaching handicapped people job skills such as the making of musical instruments.

  Since 1987, Thiermann has used biographical techniques to help some 2000 international clients make career changes and upgrades.
  His approach to securing his clients' goals differs from that of other career counselors - by emphasizing support, unconditional acceptance and what he calls The ID Process.
  "I get to know someone very well. I use biographies, surveys, testing, and gather information for a portfolio," says Thiermann.
  This surprisingly personal biographical technique is applauded by Thiermann's clients - more than half of whom are referrals.
  "Thiermann hears your words, senses your feelings about relationships to your past career experiences, and sees the directions and signs that you can most fruitfully follow." explains former client Tom Griggs.

Job happiness requires 10 percent talent and 90 percent marketing and communication, according to Thiermann. So the next step in the process is marketing. Thiermann teaches his clients to market whatever they want to market:  themselves, their product, service or business.
  "In the process of working with David, an unexpected event occurred," says consultant Elizabeth Evans of Capitola. "I began to really believe in myself. Previously I had been unaware of a subconscious fear that had prevented me from promoting what I have to offer, from getting out there and taking risks."

  The final - and perhaps most important step - is maintenance.
  "The follow-up is important," says Thiermann, who helps his clients establish a long-term management program. "People have more success when they are managed over a period of time.
  "They don't tend to fall back into old methods of inhibitive thinking. It helps to have a coach - or at least a team approach."

    - Robert Ward, Good Times

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