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March 2, 1993
To whom it may concern:

I felt compelled to write a letter of recommendation for David Thiermann. As I contemplated my existence more than a year ago, my health began to fail as well as my desire to create, and I searched for a direction which would fulfill me emotionally, spiritually, artistically, and economically.

I am currently a Human Resources Liaison for Apple Computer, Inc. I feel as I make a contribution to this everchanging company, and even though my income surpasses anything I ever imagined, it's not what I was placed on this earth to do. I found myself waiting for life to come to me, rather than me finding and defining my life, so something had to give.

I have done many things in my life: dog sledding in Alaska, scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of eastern Australia, after sailing among the boats participating in the America's Cup, hitch-hiking in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, owning and operating a Modern Dance Troupe in San Francisco, performing in different choreographers' pieces, discovering the many pleasures of Jamaica, stumbling upon small villages in Mexico, completing a degree from San Francisco State University, embracing the history and architecture of France, and still my life had a void.

I began seeing Martha Benedict for acupuncture treatments, and after a conversation with her which exposed my interest in dance and Africa, she recommended that I pay a visit to David Thiermann. The first time I met David was on the 24th of September 1991. Since that date David and I have developed a mutual admiration for each other. We have worked together for many hours. We've explored my past, assessing my strengths and attributes through a biographical inventory, as well as utilizing different surveys. I looked forward to every moment I had with David. He built my confidence and encouraged me to explore all possibilities, never closing any door. I soon learned that "all" of my life experiences had weight and value for my future endeavors. He referred me to individuals with similar interests and through him I have networked with amazingly talented people.

I decided to create an organization around dance which will encourage and elicit a cultural exchange between the United States and Africa (expanding to other countries at a later date). My purpose for this exchange is to introduce people to dance in its original environment. My hope is to bring exposure to how and why dance originated, how and why certain instruments were developed, how and why certain costumes evolved and most importantly to educate how dance is still incorporated, in some cultures, as an essential societal bond. I plan to bring interested parties to Africa in order for them to witness dance in its own environment. Watching dance on a stage, as a performance art is very different than participating in or viewing dance in its original state. The exchange would take place once I bring people from Africa to the states, allowing them to see and participate in our native dance (i.e. tap, country western, street jam, Native American) in its natural environment.

This endeavor is a large one and I often find myself doubting its success. David is always right there with "point and counterpoint." I can't thank him enough for his many hours of encouragement. His unwavering support and fine tuned skills have served me well; they've kept me going. I will continue to work with him throughout this process and I've begun thanking him already.

Lisa Frederiksen


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