Santa Cruz University™, career counseling Nov. 18, 1990


To whom it may concern,

    As a reporter for GOOD TIMES I have the opportunity through my various assignments to come in contact with many people.
    I was assigned to do a story on David Thiermann, a local career consultant. My editor instructed me to put together a write-up on Mr. Thiermann and find out why he is so effective (and popular) in this region.
    The story I wrote about Mr. Thiermann came out fine, much to my liking. In the piece, I revealed Mr. Thiermann's techniques in helping innumerable clients probe their career options, needs and desires, before going on to make suitable and often profitable changes in their life goals.
    Mr. Thiermann's approach to careers, and life in general, captivated me and I sought out his advice. We have for several weeks been working together on creating career options for me. Through Mr. Thiermann's keen eye and astute judgements, I have made overtures to my career options.


Robert Ward

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