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College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

October 30, 1996

To Whom It May Concern:

Five Branches Institute is a fully accredited (national organization of schools and colleges recognized by the Federal Government) and state approved degree- granting medical school in acupuncture and herbology (Traditional Chinese Medicine). As instructor in the professional studies department, I am charged to help senior students learn critical issues relevant to setting up and maintaining their practice subsequent to gaining their state and national license.

David Thiermann is one of many guest speakers to my class over the course of the semester who have specialized knowledge for these emerging professionals. He agreed to lecture on marketing, and did a great job adapting his knowledge to this profession.

I learned about David from one of my colleagues who has used his consulting to her great satisfaction. I also read the advertisement he runs in the Good Times every few years. On that basis I called and he agreed to present pro bono, realizing the community and business benefits of such a service.

David seems to blend integrity, hard-nosed business marketing knowledge, humor and excellent presentation skills. Several students expressed that they acquired some very important information that would serve them well in the near future. Since I teach this class every year, I look forward to asking David again to present, and besides, the music he played at the beginning and end was particularly charming.

Joe D. Williams, M.A.
Faculty Member

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